Kazbegi is a must-see destination in Georgia because it provides numerous opportunities for unforgettable adventures. Kazbegi, in particular, offers visitors some of Georgia’s most beautiful scenery. Exploring this incredible location is essential if you are into landscapes, hiking, and mountains. You will be able to discover Georgia’s historical monuments, learn about the country’s culture and history, taste some delicious local Khinkali, and marvel at the beauty of Georgia’s high mountains.

If you are considering visiting Kazbegi, we have identified six compelling reasons why you should do so:



Mkinvartsveri is a mountain that draws many visitors from all over the world. The summit is always in snow, regardless of the season. Mount Mkinvartsveri is also associated with Amirani, the Georgian version of Prometheus, who was chained on this mountain for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mortals. Mkinvartsveri is 5054 meters in height. Its breathtaking panoramic views elicit unforgettable emotions and memories, especially at sunrise.


Gergeti Trinity Church

The Gergeti Trinity Church, at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, beneath Mount Mkinvartsveri, is from the 14th century. It is now Georgia’s most popular tourist destination. Because of its history and location, the church serves as the face of Georgia. Gergeti Trinity Church has stunning views of Mount Mkinvartsveri and is a popular stopping point for hikers in the area. There is an easily accessible road leading up to the church’s base by any regular vehicle.



If you ever visit the Kazbegi area, make sure to include the Gveleti Waterfalls on your itinerary. The Gveleti Waterfalls is located in the Dariali Gorge. The path to the waterfalls starts in the semi-deserted village of Gveleti. The distance from Kazbegi to the village of Gveleti is 7 kilometers, and the access path to the waterfalls is less than one kilometer. There are picnic areas near the waterfall with beautiful mountain views.

In addition to the Gveleti, Arshi Waterfall is located in Arsha, Kazbegi. The path from the village to the waterfall is 2 kilometers long. There are two waterfalls connecting the river Arshistskali. The first is not directly visible from Arsha, but it will appear unexpectedly on the way to the trail. Its second name is “Woman’s Hair,” located above the waterfall. The reason for this is that it flows from the boulder like a woman’s magnificent plait. These waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist destinations.



If you want to go hiking in a beautiful setting and enjoy the scenery, Juta is the place to be! The village of Juta is located 24 kilometers from Stepantsminda and is one of the highest settlements in this area (2200 m). The Chaukhi mountain range, located near the village, is part of the Caucasus mountain range’s central ridge. A small path winds through the picturesque views of Kavkasioni (The Caucasus). There are numerous peaks where clouds and mountains meet. Juta will provide you with an unforgettable and thrilling experience.


Dariali Monastery Complex

The Dariali Monastery Complex is nestled perfectly in the Dariali Gorge among the high Caucasus mountains. The gorge starts at the Chkeri River and ends near the Upper Lars. Dariali’s narrow corridor is known since ancient times. The northern road passing through it is now known as “The Georgian Military Road.” This strategic road held significant political significance for the Kingdom of Old Georgia.


Pansheti Mineral Pools

Don’t miss the village of Pansheti, located 4 kilometers from Kazbegi on the Tergi River’s left bank. The pools in this village are fed by natural mineral springs and are located 1790 meters above sea level.


In addition to all of these activities and locations, Kazbegi offers a plethora of other accessible trails, breathtaking valleys, and horseback riding opportunities, that make it a destination for an unforgettable adventure.