About the Caucasus Trip


Welcome to Caucasus Trip, your gateway to exploring the vibrant South Caucasus countries. As a family-run travel agency with 8-years of industry experience, we work tirelessly to create unforgettable memories through our tailor-made private tours in Georgia and the wider Caucasus region. Whether you’re seeking a private trip or prefer the companionship of group tours to Georgia and the Caucasus, we have you covered. With our personalized services and warm hospitality, we make sure that every tourists feels like home. Join us for an adventure that’s not just a tour but a warm welcome into the heart of the Caucasus.


We are Georgian siblings who always loved exploring our homeland, and now we established out travel agency to share the real spirit of Georgia with the world. Our mission is to offer authentic experience that reflects our deep love of our country and traditions. We will show you Georgia’s rich culture, breathtaking nature, and legendary hospitality through the eyes of locals.

Our vision is to become the face of Georgian tourism, known for our heartfelt approach to travel. We hope to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable growth and recognition of Georgia’s tourism industry. We see our agency as a bridge that connects the world to our beautiful country’s hidden treasures and untold stories.