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1-Day Tour to Georgia: Mtskheta, Gori and magnificent Uplistsikhe

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Join our exclusive one-day tours in Georgia from Tbilisi to uncover the ancient heritage and timeless beauty of the country.

This one-day tour takes you to the historical wonders of Georgia, including Mtskheta, Gori, and Uplistsikhe. Begin your day in Georgia’s ancient heart, Mtskheta, where the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral await. Mtskheta is more than just a tourist destination; it is a gateway to Georgia’s rich historical and spiritual heritage.

Gori presents us with history’s most compelling narratives. This town, best known as Stalin’s birthplace, provides a rich tapestry of Georgian history. Visit the controversial yet intriguing Stalin Museum, providing an unflinching look at the Soviet era, while the ancient Gori Fortress stands as a testament to the region’s medieval resilience. 

The final leg of our one-day tour in Georgia from Tbilisi takes you to the magnificent Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave town that offers a unique glimpse into Georgia’s pre-Christian era. Here, history is carved into the very stones, with caves and structures that tell stories about ancient civilizations. Walking through this labyrinth of history, you’ll connect with the raw, unbridled spirit of Georgia, understanding the deep roots of its culture and the enduring strength of its people.

Book our “1-Day Tour to Georgia: Mtskheta, Gori and magnificent Uplistsikhe” to explore historical Georgia with Caucasus Trip.


  • Mtskheta, Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Gori, Stalin Museum, Uplistsikhe

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Tbilisi
Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Tbilisi

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gori – Uplistsikhe

Embark on a captivating journey with our one-day tours in Georgia from Tbilisi, which begins with a transfer from your hotel to the historic city of Mtskheta. This former Georgian capital, rich in cultural heritage, welcomes you to explore its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beginning with the revered Jvari Monastery. This architectural marvel, built in the sixth century, sits atop a hill and provides a breathtaking view of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers merging. Your exploration continues at the majestic Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Georgia's second-largest religious structure. This complex, which illustrates Georgian religious architecture, includes a church, gate, bell tower, castles, and clergy residences. Wander through Mtskheta's enchanting streets, ideal for purchasing unique local merchandise and artisanal crafts. The building houses significant relics, such as the mantles of Christ and the Prophet Elijah, as well as the tombs of the Great Kings of Georgia. Wander through Mtskheta's enchanting streets to acquire unique local goods and artisanal crafts.

The journey continues to Gori, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. You'll have the opportunity to visit Stalin's House Museum, a remarkable site that provides insight into his early life. The complex includes Stalin's childhood home, a protective pavilion, a specially designed armored train carriage, and a large exhibition. Have a photo stop at the Gori Fortress.  

Conclude your one-day tour from Tbilisi with a visit to the ancient Uplistsikhe cave town, situated a mere 15 kilometers from Gori on the Mtkvari River's left bank. Dating back to the first and second millennia B.C., Uplistsikhe was a vital center for politics, religion, and culture during the Hellenistic and Late Antique periods, and a crucial trade hub connecting Asia and Europe. Despite its destruction in the 13th century, the site retains numerous significant cave structures. These include the Theatre, a temple dating back to the first or second centuries AD, the pre-Christian Temple of Makvliani, the expansive Hall of Queen Tamar, the Uplistsuli Church, the triple-church basilica atop the hill, and a lengthy tunnel descending to the Mtkvari River. The return drive to Tbilisi marks the end of an unforgettable day, rich in historical and cultural immersion.

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